Worth visiting

Provincial capital Bolzano

In the South Tyrolean city of Bolzano meet the two main language and culture groups at their highest. South Tyrol's capital city with over 100,000 inhabitants is located approximately in the center of the region, at an altitude from 232 to 1616 meters. Thousand years ago the Bolzano basin was settled. Bolzano is also known for its various attractions and cultural offerings. For example the iceman Ötzi in the Museum of Archaeology is admired. Today is the historic center, the "old town", a popular spot for strolling or shopping. The Bolzano arcades are, now as then, the real center of trade in the city. This is a very nicely designed shopping street, which is reserved for pedestrians and has been equipped in the state capital for a long time with old arches. At the interface between the "old" and "new town" is since 2008 the Museum of Contemporary Art, an elegant building of glass and metal. An inviting atmosphere with an interesting mix of southern and alpine flair as well as the combination of food and drinks from North and South, which are served in Bolzano: This is the recipe for success of local food in the many restaurants of the arts center and its surroundings.

Spa city Merano

Mild climate, Mediterranean vegetation and the location in the heart of a striking alpine scenery, that’s what makes the glorious city of Merano unique. From a geographic point of view, Merano nestles in the basin of even three colourful valleys, which are Val Passiria, Val Venosta and Val d’Adige. Thanks to its sheltered position at the bottom of mighty mountains, the town boasts a very gentle, southern climate, favourable for the growth of a luxuriant vegetation. Its mild climate with an average of 300 sunny days per year and its vegetation with palm and cypress trees, the spa town owes its sheltered position at the foot of high mountains of the northern region of Italy. But Merano also boasts a range of cultural and architectonic sites of interst, such as the Kurhaus, symbol of Merano and art nuveau masterpiece. A variety of attractions to choose from and all kinds of events are also available. The Therme Meran for example - fantastic spa in the heart of the town of Merano. One of the newer attractions certainly include the gardens of Castle Trauttmansdorff.

Pontifical town Bressanone

The Baroque town of Brixen is Tyrol's oldest town and medieval pontifical town since 901. Its former function as a medieval town characterizes Brixen till today. Particularly noteworthy are the religious buildings that are found in the city and surroundings. One of the special attractions include the cathedral and parish church and cloister. Bressanone is also holiday town with great explorers offer.

Wine village Terlano

The wine village Terlano with its parts Vilpiano and Siebeneich is located in the Adige valley, surrounded by vineyards and orchards at about 250 meters above sea level. For over 2000 years reaches Terlan tradition as wine terroir. The vine is here in the protection of Tschöggelberg mountain so well located, in the mild, almost Mediterranean climate, with hot sunny days and cool nights. But the striking red, easily heatable porphyry soils of Terlano contribute to a high-quality grapes. The area is due to the Terlaner mineral wines often compared to French wine regions. In the heart of the Adige Valley grows the asparagus. Gourmets can taste the delicious dishes of asparagus every spring through the Terlaner weeks. Accompanied by Terlaner Sauvignon, which is considered ideal wine with asparagus, brings to you highest pleasure. Widely visible is the 75 meters high tower, which was built in the late Gothic period in 1520-1530. Because of increasing inclination he was removed in 1884 and built in the years 1891-1893 with the original sandstone blocks again in its original form.