The Oberkapillhof is an ideal starting point for many tourist destinations. You can take hiking and cycling trips to interesting destinations such as Langfenn, Tschaufenhof and Gschnofer-stall on the Salten, the Möltner Almen, Sattler hütte, Möltner Kaser, to stone men Stoanerne Mandln and to wonderful panorama Knottnkino near village Vöran. You can walk there directly from our farm.

The rocky men (Stoanerne Mandln)

The legendary Almrücken on the Hohe Reisch, the Stoanernen Mandln are probably among the most beautiful places in our community. Many stone men are silent witnesses of a mystical past. There are many legends with witches and all sorts of magical stories about Stoanernen Mandln at 2000 meters above sea level. This place offers wonderful views to the Dolomites, the Texel and the Sarntal Alps. For this walk you need about two hours.


The place where the film of nature runs endless. Also this is the way of describe this unique view from Tschögglberg mountain of 1465 meters above sea level. The cinema was designed by artist Franz Messner built in year 2000 on the Rotstein-Kogel. About 30 seats from steel and chestnut wood were constructed on a small felzit headland, which people in Tyrol call Knottn. And after then, the film may start already: in front of you shows a breathtaking panorama of the entire Val d'Adige, the Penegal, the Dolomites, the White Horn, Ultimo, the Texel, the Merano basin and also the Passeiertal.

The church od St. James Langfenn on Salten

The high plateau of Salten is known for its landscape, the magnificent larch meadows and the beautiful view of the Berkuppe mountains. A pleasant trail through meadows and forests, which offers reward not only in a beautiful view, but also a historical monument, one of the oldest churches in the territory of South Tyrol, St. Jakob Langfenn on Salten. Several guesthouses and mountain huts invite you to linger.